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Boa Constrictor Imperator - 66% Het for Blood 50% Het for Anery II

Birthdate: 08 JUNE 2023 in Germany Gender: female
Diet: frozen / thawed small mice (10-14g)

Mother/Dame: Nicki AAB 001 Het Blood
Father/Sire: Forrest AAB 012 DH Blood Anery 2

Please provide a secure home with an ambient temperature around 80F / 27C and a hotspot of 90F / 32C about the size of the boa’s body. Use damp paper towels as the substrate for the first week, and then you can change to moist cocofiber or cocohusk. Other substrates are also okay, but no materials from a pine tree and no rough grass mat.

Please include a couple hiding spots for your boa - one on the cooler end and one near the hot spot. Your boa also needs fresh water in a clean, heavy dish at all times. The humidity inside the enclosure should be maintained between 50-70%. Give your boa a week or two to get used to the new home before attempting to feed. Please do not handle him or her for a day or two before and for 3-4 days after eating. Feed the prey size indicated on this care sheet. To thaw a small mouse, place it in hot tap water (about 100F/38C) for approximately 15 minutes (until the mouse has an external temperature of 80-100F/27-37C and is no longer stiff, but is soft in the middle).

Take the warm, moist prey item with tongs made for feeding reptiles and dangle the meal in front of your boa for a few seconds. You may then drop it on the floor of the home and leave your boa alone for the next hour or so. If he/she has not yet eaten the meal, try reheating and repeating the above process. You may leave the mouse overnight, but discard in the morning if not yet consumed. Don’t worry if your boa does not eat on the first attempt. Try again in 5-7 days.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Most of all, enjoy your boa!!